Take back control of your operations

Alerting and automated enforcement of all your governance, compliance, controls, risk management and fraud detection needs.

A comprehensive solution for all your enterprise fraud and risk management needs.

  • Unlock Valuable Insights from Your Organization's Data

    Transform cross-application data into valuable risk insights with QuartzX's data-driven solution. Gain real-time risk alerting and enhance your organization's risk management capabilities.
  • Protect Your Business with Quartz IQ Fraud Prevention

    Protect your organization from the growing threat of fraud in the age of remote work and decentralization.
  • Stay compliant, Keep your reputation

    Ensure your compliance and reputation despite the increasing regulatory constraints.
  • Rapidly identify and mitigate risks with Quartz IQ advanced technology.

    Stay ahead of risks with real-time identification and early detection.
  • What is the impact of partnering with QuartzX. Customers Testimonials:

    A solution tailored to all areas of your organization.

    General Corporate
    Retail Banking
    Investment Banking
    Energy & Trasportation
    Public sector

    Real-time automated alerting in case of rule or process violation

    1. Customizable workflows for alerts assignment
    2. Remediation of alerts based on severity, SLAs and skills
    3. Determination and refinement of detection thresholds
    4. Visual data explorer with search, native views, and customizable views of alerts and history

    Empower Management With Risk Awareness, Visibility and Control

    1. With Quartz IQ, business managers can create alert rules and remediation plans that can be easily implemented by the teams themselves.
    1. Business teams are directly involved in the processing of alerts, continuous monitoring is no longer solely handled by audit and internal control teams. These teams can therefore concentrate on high-value missions, while being fully aware and responsible for risks in their functional areas.

    Ready to streamline your control processes?

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    Consolidate Your Data for Risk Informed Decisions

    1. Manage risk in a unified platform
    2. Present trends and insights
    3. Quickly generate quality reports
    4. Display information on your teams and controls

    Easily Monitor Processes With Cross-Application Data


    Rigorous data security, while easily implemented solution.

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    Why our clients choose QuartzX?

    Discover the Advantages of Our Platform
    • 01

      Ease of implementation

      QuartzIQ provides effortless connectivity to a variety of data sources, including cloud, on-premises, SQL, API, and more, through its library of pre-built connectors for popular market solutions. In addition, it comes equipped with a pre-established catalog of rules tailored to each specific business and functional area. Among the library of ready-to-use connectors you'll find well-known market solutions such as: Azure, Workday, Splunk, Open Banking, Bloomberg, Dynamics, SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, JIRA, eFront and more.
    • 02

      Data security

      To safeguard organizational data, Quartz IQ maintains the highest level of data security and holds a SOC 2 certification. This certification ensures that Quartz IQ has established and adheres to rigorous security protocols and procedures to protect confidential information.
    • 03

      Empower Managers With Visibility, Control And Confidence

      Quartz IQ empowers businesses to create alert rules and remediation plans that can be easily implemented by the teams themselves. With this capability, continuous monitoring is no longer solely the responsibility of audit and internal control teams, allowing them to concentrate on high-value missions.
    • 04

      Clear ROI: Increase Efficiency And Minimize Costs

      Once the business rules are established, QuartzIQ automates the monitoring and resolution processes, enabling business teams to directly oversee compliance and reduce the need for significant financial and human resources.
    • 05

      Manage risk in a unified platform

      Through its ability to connect to all of a company's data sources, QuartzIQ enables businesses to capitalize on their data investments and obtain a comprehensive 360° view of their operations, risks, finances, and strategic objectives.


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    How long does it take to set up the solution?
    The solution can be made available to our customers immediately. The duration of the setting up of the control rules within the solution will then depend on the scope of coverage desired by the client. In order to prove the value of our solution, we propose to our clients to carry out a POC (Proof Of Concept) on a sample of business rules, allowing to quickly prove a return on investment of our solution. In addition, we also have a catalog of business rules, allowing to speed up the setting up of controls within our solution.
    What effort is required from IT teams during the onboarding?
    One of the many advantages of our solution is our plug-and-play connectors for market solutions and our infrastructure requiring little technical configuration. Thus, the setting up of our solution does not generally require a strong involvement of IT teams.
    What types of data sources can the solution connect to?
    Our solution has a set of plug-and-play connectors for the vast majority of solutions on the market, as well as generic connectors for any type of application. Our solution can therefore be connected to any type of system.
    How is data integration configured within the solution?
    Each client benefits from a management console that allows users to manage the configuration of the data integration autonomously, as well as perform daily monitoring.
    Does QuartzX have a SOC-2 type 2 certification or any other certification?
    Yes, we have a SOC-2 type 2 certification issued by BDO.
    Given the potentially sensitive information in your solution, how do you prevent data leakage?
    Our solution is designed to allow very granular management of data access, including the separation of access by groups and roles, and the implementation of several double-validation mechanisms.
    How is the data protected from other clients ?
    We offer our clients the use of a shared tenant, but we also dedicated tenants for organizations with higher security requirements.
    Scope of application
    What are the domains covered by the solution?
    Our solution covers a wide range of domains, including retail banking, investment banking and any other business domain. We also have a catalog of business rules to speed up the setting up of controls within our solution.
    Scope of application
    How does our solution integrate with governance, risk and internal audit requirements?
    Our solution is based on the best practices in terms of governance, risk and internal audit. Our solution has a complete audit trail and also ensures that each risk is covered by a control.
    Which teams are involved during the onboarding?
    Although our solution allows autonomous onboarding for each client, QuartzX provides a team of experts to assist you in setting up your controls and business rules, allowing you to maximize the added value and increase the speed of the setting up of our solution.
    Will the use of our solution generate additional work for risk management, compliance or security teams?
    On the contrary, the automation of tasks obtained with our solution frees up time for operational teams, allowing them to devote more time to higher value-added analysis tasks and to priority issues. In addition, our solution also promotes the empowerment of business teams by allowing them to directly delegate the processing of alerts. Moreover, it does not require the implementation of large dedicated teams.
    Can the solution connect to Cloud, On Premises or Hybrid solutions?
    Thanks to our connector toolkit, the solution can connect to any type of system in the Cloud, On Premises or Hybrid, and also allows data cross-referencing between different data from these systems and environments, including data from different vendors and other SaaS solutions.
    Can sensitive data be used within the controls?
    Yes, our current clients are already using our solution for controls on sensitive data, including controls on trading with restricted entities or controls using employee data. In addition, we have a SOC-2 type 2 certification issued by BDO to ensure strong security of your data.
    How do you ensure data security in your solution?
    Security is at the heart of our solution, we do not collect any additional data than the data that you send us, and those necessary in your controls.
    How is authentication managed in the solution, is it possible to set up a Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism?
    We offer the ability to set up SSO authentication with SAML, while also allowing regular account authentication with MFA. We also allow the use of multiple identity providers simultaneously.
    Where are the data and servers of the solution located?
    We can set up servers in any region or country requested, thus meeting the requirements of each client.
    Scope of application
    Is it possible to customize data models and workflows?
    QuartzX allows clients to customize the configuration of data models and workflows used in our solution. Thus, each client can ensure that the solution is personalized to their processes and needs.


    Our platform is SOC-2 Type II certified